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Dayton Rogers

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For nearly a century, Dayton Rogers has defined engineering and manufacturing in the metal-forming industry. We not only raised the bar, we created it.

As pioneers in precision metalforming, Dayton Rogers introduced its vision of excellence in 1929 with a simple commitment - to create solutions that are integral to your success. From metal stamping to welding and sheet metal fabrication, our brilliantly engineered solutions are innovative, affordable and reliable.

We are Dayton Rogers. Building on experience. Unequaled Craftsmanship. Metal Stamping and Metalforming an Impact Now and into the Future. 

Metalforming Design Handbook/Cost Effective Design Principles

Dayton Rogers wrote the book on metal forming. Literally. Commonly referred to as the Red Book, our technical design manual outlines design guidelines and formulas. Recognized by industry leaders as the go-to manual for precision metal forming practices, and available in pdf format, the Red Book is the ultimate engineering resource.

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All the most important metal fabrication design tips in one place. Get yours today!

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Ron’s story in the world of manufacturing

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