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Dayton Rogers fulfills all your sheet metal needs. Our metal fabrication processes ensure exact production with little to no tooling costs.

LASER: quality parts, custom laser cuts and fabrication services. CAD/CAM design programs offer advantages including high repeatability, guaranteed part reproduction and a perfect finish

TURRET: punch press system and pick and place loading

BRAKES: fabricated to your unique requirements

FASTENERS: custom component solutions utilizing Dayton Rogers' secondary operation capabilities

WELDING: in-house welding to incorporate several parts into a single assembly, reducing your overall project cost. Custom fixtures and robotic precision welding complete your project and save you money.



  • 4000 Watts
  • C02 and Fiber Optic
  • 5'x10' Work Size
  • Auto Load Tower
  • Lights Out Automation
  • Maximum Flexibility


  • Automated Sheet Feeder
  • 58 Pre-Loaded Tools
  • 33 Ton Hydraulic System
  • Complimenting Brake Press
  • 4'x12' Work Size
  • Brush Table to Reduce Scratches
  • Lights Out Automation

Customized to your specific needs and project.

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