Short Run Stamping vs. Progressive Stamping: Which is Right for Your Project?

Posted: Oct 5, 2018

We live and breathe stampings so much here at Dayton Rogers that we often forget not everyone is familiar with how stampings work. You may have heard the terms “short run stamping” and “progressive stamping” before. What is the difference between the two? 

Simply put, these are two different methods of achieving the same result.

What is Short Run Stamping?

A short run stamping is an economical way to produce parts in quantities from prototype to 100,000 pieces with short lead times. In short run stamping, you use a mix of pre-made tools and custom tools in one-hit stations. When you start on short run stamping project you “start from scratch” with a schematic of the part you want to build. Typically, short run stampings are cheaper for one-off parts.

When Should I Use Short Run Stamping?

  • If you only need to produce a small number of a part
  • If the part is custom-made and will not be needed for multiple projects
  • If the part is complex, or requires special considerations

What Is Progressive Stamping?

Progressive stamping is typically what people envision when they think of manufacturing – instead of using existing tools, you begin by creating a part and then creating tools to stamp out exact copies of that part from new pieces of metal. Progressive stampings are a much more economical solution if you find yourself needing large quantities of the same part, repeatedly.

What Are the Advantages of Progressive Stamping?

There are many reasons to choose progressive stamping, as Manor Tool lays out:

  1. Speed, Speed, Speed!
  2. Less Scrap Metal
  3. Quicker Setup
  4. Create More Geometries with a Single Process
  5. Longer runs
  6. High Repeatability
  7. Lower Cost Per Part
When Should I Use Progrssive Stamping?
  • If you need large quantities of a specific part
  • If you will need to reproduce the part multiple times in the future
  • If the part is relatively simple to make

Now that you know the difference between these two metal stamping methods, it’s time to decide which will work best for you. We offer free consultative phone calls or in-person meetings to discuss which method is best for your project. Contact us today to get started.

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