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High Precision Made Simple with Modular Stamping

Posted: Sep 12, 2023

Challenges of Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

In industries like aerospace, automotive, and electrical, it is imperative for components to be produced to spec. Even in cases where tolerances are extremely tight, any slight deviation from the outlined parameters can be detrimental to the function of the overall completed product. While it’s easy to understand why failure due to poorly formed parts can be critical in high-demand applications, what exactly makes precision sheet metal fabrication so difficult in the first place?

Complications can arise at any point in the production process, but issues primarily surface during the metalforming stage. There are three key difficulties to consider in precision sheet metal fabrication: maintaining tolerances, minimizing errors, and ensuring consistent product quality. Depending on the forming process you may be trying to perform, there are different methods to address those issues. Generally, selecting the right tooling is going to yield the greatest positive impact toward mitigating defects and improving the quality of finished parts.

While Dayton Rogers is an all-in-one precision sheet metalforming facility, the area where we really shine the most is in metal stampings. To address all of the concerns that are faced by the modern precision sheet manufacturing market in a cost-effective manner, our stamping process of choice has to be modular stamping.

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How Modular Stamping Simplifies Metalforming

Modular stamping is a method of short run metal stamping, which is what we specialize in here at Dayton Rogers. This method of precision sheet metal forming utilizes a hydraulic press to apply force to a piece of sheet metal with a set of standard machine tooling. That standard tooling is the key component that makes modular stamping such a great choice for precision sheet metal forming without the added costs that come with other methods such as progressive stamping.

The tooling used in the process is what gives modular stamping its name. A set of interchangeable, standard tools is used in a hydraulic press to form the desired features into a metal sheet. Because this process uses modular, interchangeable tooling, it is incredibly quick to set up. By extension this also makes product changeovers incredibly quick, so that manufacturers can move between different modular stamping projects with ease. In the case that a manufacturer has to accommodate any product design changes, modular stamping allows for incredible process flexibility and adaptability.

Modular metal stamping does wonders to simplify the metal stamping process. There is no custom tooling used in modular stamping- just standard tools. By using this premade tooling to achieve the desired metal shape, lead times in modular stamping production are minimized to the point of being nearly eliminated. This quick setup minimizes downtime overall by reducing time used to setup and also time used for maintenance. By saving so much time throughout the production process, modular stamping is incredibly efficient as far as metal stampings go.  At Dayton Rogers we are especially diligent about making sure that our equipment, including our modular tooling, is well-maintained between uses to ensure maximum precision and functionality for your next stamping project.

Part of what makes modular stamping such a great process for precision metalforming is that it minimizes human error and production inconsistencies. With the use of a hydraulic press control panel, the modular metal stamping process can be entirely automated. This results in consistently high quality between pieces along with further cost savings for our customers by reducing manpower. Inconsistencies are also minimized since the process using the same standard tooling.

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Precision Forming Capabilities of Modular Stamping

By using modular stamping, high-precision parts can be easily formed and recreated in the future with minimal setup. This repeatability combined with a low production cost is one of the reasons that we highly encourage our customers to consider designing their projects for modular metal stamping whenever possible.

Besides quick setup, there are many other benefits to modular stamping that contribute to overall precision in manufacturing.

As we previously touched on, modular stamping minimizes room for human error and the process can even be automated to further reduce unwanted part defects. This enhanced part repeatability means that quality will be positively impacted across the board. As more parts are produced to a higher quality and meet precise standards when produced with modular stamping, process scrap is reduced. This boost in efficiency saves rework costs for manufacturers and customers alike. Even better, it also means that parts can be brought to the market more quickly because they’ve been made right the first time.

Modular stamping makes precision sheet metal forming simple by drastically reducing lead time, production time, and material waste. Oftentimes it just takes a bit of engineering to convert a more complex fabrication project into a metal stamping project. With the help of an industry experts like the engineers here at Dayton Rogers, you can save big by switching to modular stamping.

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