Dayton Rogers Combats Price Increases in Manufacturing

Posted: Sep 20, 2021

Think back to a year ago. As the pandemic made its way into the United States and other countries worldwide, consumers were panic buying due to the scarcity of products and fear of the unknown. Today, on the flip side, companies are the ones furiously trying to stock up to relieve anxieties and regain control.

Unfortunately, this has caused a significant problem that has been with us for months and continues to wreak havoc across numerous industries – the global supply chain. After years of optimizing their supply chains and getting more comfortable with just-in-time inventory, companies are now struggling to keep their products moving at the same pace. As a result, the world is running low on everything.

Companies are trying to replenish their warehouses, causing a buying frenzy that leaves supply chains vulnerable. As a result, transportation backups and product shortages are nearing the highest levels in recent memory. Because of this, many organizations have been forced to raise their prices and charge extremely inflated amounts for their products and services.

Dayton Rogers’ Solution

At Dayton Rogers, our top priority is the people we serve. We hold ourselves personally accountable for delivering the highest quality service and intelligent pricing and exceeding the needs of our customers day in and day out. Although there is a slight shortage of materials throughout the manufacturing industry, our team is committed to working with you to find a solution that meets your needs and fits into your budget.

So, if you too are experiencing price increases, please get in touch with us, as Dayton Rogers is constantly looking for ways to go further for our customers and accomplish even their most challenging projects.

About Dayton Rogers

For nearly a century, Dayton Rogers has defined engineering and manufacturing in the metal-forming industry. We not only raised the bar, we created it. At Dayton Rogers, no project is too complex. In fact, we do 3D prototyping to production.

As pioneers in precision metal forming, Dayton Rogers introduced its vision of excellence in 1929 with a simple commitment – to create solutions that are integral to your success. From metal stamping to welding and sheet metal fabrication, our brilliantly engineered solutions are innovative and reliable.