Cutting Tap Drill Sizes [FREE CHART]

Posted: Sep 10, 2018

A majority of threads made in manufacturing are machined using taps. Cutting Taps are an important tool for creating internal threads.

What are Cutting Taps? North American Tool defines them as:

[Cutting Taps] are tools that are designed to remove material from the hole leaving a finished internal thread form in the geometry intended. These tools utilize a feature, known as the chamfer, to achieve a gradual cutting action as the tap enters the hole, and flutes to allow room for the chips created by this cutting action, and coolant or lubricant to assist in the process of cutting and removal of material from the flutes.

Knowing what Cutting Tap drill size you need for the desired internal thread is essential. Our handy Cutting Tap Drill Sizes chart is free to use. We recommend printing it out and keeping it as a reference.

a chart of tap drill sizes

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