Precise fabrication at Dayton Rogers

Precision Metal Fabrication Equipment & Capabilities

To complement our metal stamping capabilities, Dayton Rogers offers a variety of secondary custom metal fabrication methods. We understand that each project has different needs and parameters, so we have carefully selected our fabrication equipment to provide the best possible value for our customers. Our precision metal fabrication capabilities include the following:

  • Laser Cutting & Fabrication
  • Welding Fabrication
  • Press Brake Fabrication
  • Turret Fabrication
  • Custom Fabricated Fasteners

We offer a variety of fabrication options at all four Dayton Rogers locations across the United States:


8401 West 35W Service Drive,
Minneapolis, MN 55449


2309 McGaw Road,
West Columbus, OH 43207

South Caronlina

12223 C R Koon Hwy,
Newberry, SC 29108


1107 Commercial Blvd N,
Arlington, TX 76001

Contact your nearest Dayton Rogers location for more information on which fabrication options are available to you.


We use industrial grade lasers to cut precision blanks out of sheet metal for parts with tight tolerances. These precision blanks can then be used for metal stamping. Another use for lasers is to cut tight-tolerance features into a blank, like thin slits and holes for ventilation.

Thanks to the focus of the beam, laser cutting offers an incredibly precise edge finish. Our machines are capable of wattage anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 watts of power to tackle any laser cutting project with ease.

One of the greatest benefits of laser cutting comes from the ability to automate the process. Simply put, this means that our laser cutter can keep doing its job without the need to be monitored by any personnel. This machine works nonstop, which results in great cost savings for your order!

Laser cutting fabrication at dayton rogers


Welding fabrication is the ideal complement to metal stamping when it comes to producing complex metal parts. In cases where metal stamping may not allow for the desired final shape to be achieved in one process, welding fabrication can easily create joints that would otherwise be challenging to manufacture with stamping alone. Each process makes up for what the other one lacks, which allows metal stamping and welding fabrication to work synergistically with one another.

At Dayton Rogers we offer a few different types of welding to suit a range of custom metal fabrication projects:

  • Arc Welding 
  • MIG Welding 
  • TIG Welding
  • Robotic Welding
  • Spot Welding
Press brake fabrication at dayton rogers


Press brake fabrication is a crucial part of our metal forming capabilities. This method involves bending sheet metal using a press brake, creating precise angles and shapes. Dayton Rogers’ press brake equipment is equipped to handle various materials and thicknesses, providing a solution for projects that require precision bending.

Our skilled press brake operators go through a rigorous training to learn exactly how to get the most out of our press brake machinery, ensuring precision sheet metal fabrication for your next project.

Turret Fabrication

Turret fabrication at Dayton Rogers introduces a versatile approach to metal forming with just a single machine. Our turret fabrication equipment employs a rotating turret with multiple tools, allowing for rapid tool changes with minimal setup and the creation of complex shapes in a very short amount of time. This metal forming versatility is especially beneficial when dealing with intricate designs or when multiple operations are needed in a single setup.

When a part design calls for formed features, turret is an excellent alternative to laser fabrication for generating rapid prototypes. This fabrication method facilitates quick design adjustments and a diverse range of shaping capabilities. Our turret fabrication ensures that your prototypes meet the desired specifications to expedite time to production.

turret fabrication at Dayton Rogers


In addition to our metal forming capabilities, Dayton Rogers specializes in the fabrication of custom fasteners for complete product assemblies. Whether you require standard fasteners modified to meet specific project needs or entirely custom fabricated solutions, our expertise ensures that your fastening requirements are met with precision.

Custom Metal Fabrication from Prototype to Production

At Dayton Rogers, our commitment to precision metal fabrication extends seamlessly from the earliest stages of prototyping to the final stages of production. Our comprehensive range of custom metal fabrication capabilities plays a pivotal role in the development of top-tier metal stamped parts, ensuring quality, efficiency, and innovation at every step of the process.

Prototypes play a crucial role in product development, as this is the stage for testing and refining designs. Our custom metal fabrication expertise shines during the prototyping phase, providing the agility needed for quick adjustments and the creation of intricate designs. Turret fabrication, with its versatile tooling, allows us to rapidly prototype and iterate, ensuring that your designs meet the desired specifications before advancing to full-scale production. Press brake fabrication provides accurate bending of sheet metal into precise angles and shapes, making it another perfect tool in our arsenal for developing a rapid prototype.

Our industrial-grade lasers are not just your average cutting tools; they are precision instruments for crafting the foundation of quality metal stamped parts. Laser cutting allows us to produce precision blanks from sheet metal with tight tolerances. These precision blanks serve as the starting point for the metal stamping process, ensuring that each stamped part meets the exact specifications required.

In the journey from prototype to production, metal stamping and welding fabrication work in harmony to create complex metal parts. Where metal stamping excels in shaping intricate forms, welding fabrication steps in to seamlessly join components and create joints that may be challenging to achieve through stamping alone. This synergy ensures that each metal stamped part attains its final desired shape in the most efficient way possible, saving valuable production costs and time.

The precision metal fabrication journey concludes with the fine details – the fasteners that hold it all together. Dayton Rogers specializes in custom fabricated fasteners, offering tailored solutions that match the exact specifications of your project. Whether modifying standard fasteners or creating entirely custom solutions, our expertise in fastener fabrication ensures a perfect fit for your metal stamped parts.

Custom metal fabrication at Dayton Rogers

No matter the stage – be it prototyping or full-scale production – Dayton Rogers stands as your comprehensive partner in custom metal fabrication. Our diverse capabilities, from turret fabrication to custom fasteners, are seamlessly integrated to bring your metal stamped parts from concept to reality with precision, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.