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A bit about us

Who We Are

Dayton Rogers created the mold when we pioneered the short run metal stamping process. Since then we have grown to be a full-service metal stamping and metal fabrication supplier. Trusted by leaders in all industries, we continue to be the go-to metalforming resource for every project with 4 manufacturing locations in the U.S

The Red Book

Founder – Dayton A Rogers


A bit about our roots


In 1929, Dayton Rogers Manufacturing Company was formed. “Short Run Metal Stamping” was off and running, and the business of metal manufacturing was altered forever. From humble beginnings came early success – including the dial up toaster, the dry mounting press, and intricate Kodak typewriter tooling. Dayton Rogers began to grow.

A WWI veteran, Dayton contributed to the WWII victory by manufacturing integral parts for both air and ground efforts. To this day, Dayton Rogers Manufacturing proudly provides superior components to our military and aerospace industries – as well as medical, industrial, energy and everything in between. Our philosophy is, and always will be – your ideas and our capabilities know no boundaries. From toasters to satellites.

Dayton Rogers Manufacturing wrote the book on metal forming. Generally called “The Red Book”, this technical design manual is the foremost industry tool for high standards and preferred manufacturing disciplines. And with 4 locations, centered around the busiest manufacturing hubs in the U.S., we continue to expand our services while helping you achieve your vision. With every part and every improvement, for all your projects and challenges, we build on experience, advance your ideas, and form the future.

We are Dayton Rogers

A bit about OUR CEO


Ron Lowry working for Dayton Rogers in 1980. His hard work and dedication promoted him to President of Dayton Rogers in 2002. In 2009 Ron Lowry became the owner of Dayton Rogers.

A bit about our values

Our Valued Resources

At Dayton Rogers, we not only pride ourselves on the level of service and quality products we provide to our customers; we value all the people who work with diligence and dedication to deliver those results. Our team of Engineers, Production Professionals, and Customer Service Experts go the extra mile on every project. We maintain our high level of service and pride in our work through our People and Business Values.

People Values

  • Treat others with uncompromising truth
  • Lavish trust on your associates
  • Mentor unselfishly
  • Be receptive to new ideas, regardless of their origin
  • Take personal risks for the organization’s sake
  • Give credit where it’s due
  • Do not touch dishonest dollars
  • Put the interest of others before your own 

Business Values

Customers First

Know, understand, and partner with customers

Member Citizenship

Commit to honest relationships

Industry Leader

Provide industry leadership and encourage continuous improvement and training

People Success

Promote members’ success through respect, mentoring, and trust

Work Environment

Promote a safe work environment and team participation

Financial Success

Maintain a growing enterprise while promoting opportunities that involve continuous improvement and cost effectiveness

Metal Stamping Fabrication

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