6 Ways Short Run Stampings are Better than Typical Fabrication Methods

Posted: Apr 4, 2018

Looking to save money on your custom fabrication project? Short run stampings offer an economical way to produce parts in quantities from prototype to 100,000 pieces with short lead times. It’s an ideal method for checking your design, assembly process, and market acceptance of your new product . . . all with minimum investment.

Typical Fabrication Methods Compared to Short Run Stampings

ProgressiveFor parts where long runs with no design changes exist. High tooling, low piece price.Consider short run tools to prove design and start-up quantiles. Short run tools also provide vital backup.
Fine BlankingFlatness and full shear edge condition. Costly tooling that can wear.We can tool for a fraction of the fine blanking cost on many shapes, less the full shear edge.
CastingComplex shapes are readily produced. Part cost is not as low as stamping and holes and other dimensions are not as easy to control.Careful engineering or re-design can allow stampings to replace more costly investment castings.
MachiningVery complex shapes. Extremely expensive for more than a few parts. Waste of material.Depending upon your application, short run tooling can give you alternate designs at a much lower cost.
Laser CuttingA great method for small lots and proving your design.With complex-forming, short run tooling can utilize laser blanks.
TurretFor certain parts, the Turret is an ideal method. Short run typically holds closer tolerance and there is no scalloping on the curved edges.Short run tools can be competitive at an early stage in your production. These tools can further reduce the cost of tool up and provide backup.

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