3 Reasons Why Manufacturing is an Awesome Career

Posted: Jul 2, 2018

After you graduate high school, many of us face the same daunting question: “Now what?” With the huge array of possible choices, pressures to go to college and well-meaning advice from relatives and friends, it’s daunting to try and forge your own path.

Many students follow the 4 year college path, thinking that’s what they’re “supposed to do,” but the truth is that path isn’t for everyone. And with rising costs, limited jobs and overwhelming debt – it isn’t practical for many students.

Did you know that manufacturing jobs hire fresh out of high school and offer competitive benefits? Manufacturing is poised to be a hot new career – as well as offering a literal hands-on job and a creative outlet, manufacturing is financially competitive as well.

1. Free Education

Many people don’t realize that many manufacturing jobs will pay for your education. At Dayton Rogers, we provide financial support to employees pursuing continuing education or just starting their educational careers. At a time when college expenses are more costly than ever, manufacturing is partnering with colleges around the country to provide free education to employees.

2. Work Debt-Free

One of the biggest advantages starting out in manufacturing is that most entry-level jobs don’t require a college degree. Considering that the average student loan debts for the class of 2017 is $39,400, working debt-free is a huge leg up on your peers.

3. Competitive Pay and Benefits

Not only can you start out of high school with college education paid for – but manufacturing also offers competitive pay. The average hourly wage for manufacturing jobs in 2018 is $26.90. But even more enticing are benefits – starting employees qualify for benefits like PTO, health insurance and 401K. Most entry-level jobs that don’t require a college degree aren’t able to offer those same benefits.

Manufacturing is more enticing than ever. Learn more about careers at Dayton Rogers and what we can do for you.

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